Modular Kitchen

A house is not a home without a kitchen that you love. At Interior Era, we pride ourselves on matching customers with a perfect kitchen style from across our kitchen ranges. Styles range from rustic and cosy kitchen designs, to modern kitchens with a more contemporary feel.

Interior Era - Kitchen

The modern kitchen always seems to be popular amongst design conscious home planners. That maybe because modern kitchen design is so participatory. It allows the user to continually redesign and perfect their environment as their tastes develop. It also creates elegant spaces which are not just attractive, but useful as well. Designing a kitchen is not an easy task. Particularly when you have to make sure that you get enough space for storage, cooking as well as the electronic appliances which are indispensable in today’s time.

Types of Modular Kitchen
Modular kitchen can be of various types depending upon their plan and layout, these categories will help you choose the best suited options for your kitchen.

L-Shape Kitchen  U-Shape Kitchen  G-Shape Kitchen  Island Kitchen  Galley Kitchen  One Wall Kitchen  Small Kitchen