Corner Solutions for the Modern Kitchen

It is barely surprising that the kitchen is often one of the first rooms that most homeowners think about either before making a purchase or undertaking a renovation project. It is one room of the house where form and functionality must be perfectly balanced to deliver the best possible result.

The corner space solutions with synchromotion is the ideal cabinet solution with excellent ergonomics and comfort. Using the kitchen corners smartly can free up the central space in the kitchen for other smart additions and also enhance the room aesthetically.

Focus too much on one of the aspects and the other suffers. And since most of us are not blessed with gigantic kitchens and lots of spaces, shelves and storage options become an integral and essential part of the functional kitchen design. In this setting where every inch matters, corner space well and truly hold their own…!

1. Cut Out Shelves

This is the most cost-effective solution as no additional accessories are installed. However, it is not the best option as it is difficult to reach to the corners.

Fixed corner L-shaped shelves provide the maximum stacking space for storage. However, it’s hard to reach into the far corner; so this option should only be used to store heavy items that are not frequently used in the kitchen.

Note that ideally, you will have to provide double-hinged shutters that open out to one side.

2. Extended Shelves

This design is useful if you plan to store some less used items in the corners. Even though it is difficult to reach out this is a cost effective

3. Corner Carousel Unit

Accessories like Corner Carousel made by branded compaines can be used. These accessories rotate and make the utilization of the space easier. This is a good accessory in budget.

Carousel units that rotate on a central pivot work very well for corner spaces. They can be used to store heavy-duty pots and pans. They can also be accessed very easily. These carousel trays are commonly available as three-quarters of a circle or as a half-circle, and take up one foot of space on each side.

Full circle units are less commonly available, but if you are opting for this, the countertop also has to be angled in the corner which is sometimes inconvenient.

4. Corner Swivel Pullout / S-Shaped Corner Accessory

Corner Swivel Pullout made is one of the best option which provides the proper utilisation.

When one side of the corner is fitted with door, as is the case in this kitchen, the far end becomes almost impossible to access from the open side.

This S-shaped corner accessory utilizes all the space available and swings out so that you don’t have to bend too much.

5. Magic Corner Unit

Another accessory/unit with great utilisation of corner unit space. The accessory on pulling comes out of the cabinet completely in a smooth action.

Here’s a “Magic Corner” solution that is customised to place cookware/bakeware. This works as a two-step system, where the outer unit is attached to the shutter, and the inner unit slides out when the doors are opened.

When it comes to creating the perfect look for that space, it doesn’t get better than the magic corner unit. With its smooth chrome rails, the shiny and often slick, contemporary look can make any kitchen look complete.

6. Accordion Cabinet / Bi-Fold Doors

As far as corner cabinet designs go, the accordion/bi-fold doors is one of the best. These double doors open like an accordion, providing you full access to the contents of the shelves behind. This is another great idea to take complete advantage of all the corner space.

All the shelves are easy to reach and the accordion/bi-fold doors look beautiful and can be opened easily. Accordion/bi-fold cabinets are pretty popular and are used not just in kitchens but also in other tight spaces such as bedrooms and storerooms.

7. Open Shelves

In this kitchen, the corner shelf above the counter has been left open for easy access. The designer has balanced it with another open shelf to both side. If you would rather have the corner unit closed, double-hinged shutters would be your ideal choice.

Hope the above points gave you some insight into kitchen planning. A good kitchen does take some time to plan but as you are going to use it for many years to come its very important to pay proper attention before finalizing the design.