Wallpaper Ideas – To Completely Transform Your Space

Want to give your room an instant update ? A new wallpaper is a great way to add colour, pattern and texture. Over the last few years, we have been led to believe that white walls are the only way to go. A plain and neutral base can indeed be a good starting point from which to build a decorating scheme, but if you ignore the spectrum of colours and patterns available in wallpaper, you could be missing out.

1. 3D Wallpaper to Decor for your walls

A stylish yet elegant looking home is everyone’s desire. However, the foremost thing that gives a home a complete definition and depth are walls.

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At Walls and Murals, we understand the smallest of the concern you face while deciding for the right interiors for your home.

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3D wallpapers give the illusion of added depth. This type of wallpaper collection features pattern, live photograph images and texture designs such as wood piles, bookshelves, machinery and bricks…!

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We love how 3D wallpaper can really make an accent wall pop, but feel free to use this type of wallpaper to cover an entire room for maximum effect.

2. Smarten up with pinstripes

Create a tailored, designerly look in your living room with pinstripes – they look just as smart on your walls as they do on suits.

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Choose soft greys so the scheme doesn’t feel overly masculine, and add a luxe touch with accents of silver and white in your accessories and soft furnishings. Keep window treatments plain and simple, making the walls the star feature.

3. Tie the room together

Use an eye-catching wallpaper to unify different living zones in an open-plan space. Here, two separate seating areas are visually drawn together by a single wallpaper design running around the entire circumference of the room.

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Wallpaper running upwards to prevent the scheme from becoming too busy – it’s a sneaky way to save money on your scheme, too.

4. Go totally tropical

Transform a plain white room into a tropical paradise with a wallpaper teeming with exotic birds, plants and flowers.

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Continue the colonial jungle feel in the rest of your scheme, with furnitures, lamp and golden style screening. Choose a wallpaper with a dark backdrop and your scheme will still feel gentle and airy, despite the vibrancy of the pattern.

5. Try a tonal scheme

Pick a wallpaper featuring different shades of the same colour to create a subtle but striking feature wall rather than overwhelming the space. Opting for a simple design instead of a hectic pattern will also help to soothe the scheme.

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To break up a papered wall, place your furniture and vase in strategic positions around the edge of the room.

6. Bring zing with bright colours

If you want to introduce bright shades into your home, balance a neutral scheme with a colourful or multicolor wallpaper.

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Pick out tones from the wallpaper and echo them in your soft and colorful furnishings these orange and lavender color chairs help to draw the room together. Use a neutral colour like white to break up strong blocks of colour.

7. Add a bit of flower power

Bring a country style room to life with a floral wallpaper. Balance a large botanical print with a plain painted wall – here, the wallpaper has only been used on the coach breast, helping to make a real feature of the space.

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Stick to plain or simple patterns in your soft furnishings, leaving the wallpaper to take centre stage.

8. Create a sense of drama

Add a theatrical touch to a neutral scheme with a bold printed wallpaper. This rich white mixed pattern creates a focal point out of the classic sofa and standing lamp immediately draws the eye.

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Touches of blue sea life add a sense of luxury to the space and tie in with the wooden furnitures around the rest of the room.

9. Update an old classic

Create a cutting-edge vibe on your rooms with a wallpaper that puts a new spin on a classic print.

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A floral or pixelated design transforms this floral pattern from traditional country to contemporary cool. For a strong, unified scheme, pick out colours and patterns from your wallpaper and reiterate them in your soft furnishings and accessories.

10. Play with mid-century patterns

Add a sense of retro fun to your rooms scheme with mid-century colours and patterns.

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When it comes to 1980s prints, it’s a case of the bolder the better, so be brave and create a striking feature wall in a daring shade or design.

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Balance your wallpaper with a streamlined period-style wall colour in a complementary style or in classic style.

11. Pick a theme and stick to it

If you know you are going for a strong theme or trend in your home, then pick out wallpaper that will complement and emphasise your theme.

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A botanical patterned wallpaper will instantly conjure up thoughts of the great outdoors. Carry the theme through to the rest of your scheme with natural wood style furniture, classic style center table and rustic accessories.

12. Make a statement with monochrome

After an effortlessly contemporary look ? You can’t go wrong with monochrome. Create a dramatic backdrop to your scheme with a bold black and white wallpaper, such as this creepers plants.

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Paint woodwork black to frame your feature wall and turn it into a work of art. To soften the scheme, add a smattering of furniture and accessories in natural wood tones and textile pattern which matches with wallpaper.

13. Introduce fresh florals

Bring elements from the garden indoors with a classic wallpaper showcasing country flora and fauna.

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This spring-inspired living room features gentle blooms, birds at play and leafy greens.

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Soft cushions and vases complete the potager look. Spring blossom flowers and pretty pinks roses on white backgrounds give this classic style a modern twist. You can also prefer yellow background with glass vase with flowers.

14. Take a leaf from nature’s book

Embrace the great outdoors and cover your wall in graphite-hue forestry. This pictorial mural depicts greenish leaves with white or light grey background in a soothing palette.

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Positioning a contemporary chair in front of an exquisite etched backdrop creates a serene for relaxing. The dark tones of the upholstery treatments and rug chime nicely with the large green leaves wallpaper for a cohesive feel.

15. Nod to the past

Use a striking retro wallpaper in a mix of classic 1980s colours, such as browns and oranges, to create a feature wall that is loud and proud. A wallpaper is a surefire way to help your distinguish a zone or theme in your space.

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Here, an assortment of modern and traditional furniture, such as the  and modern swivel chair and night lamp, sit well with the vintage display modern cabinet, while a artwork completes this 1980s scheme.

16. Personalise your walls

Work a world map into your decor for a cool artwork with international appeal. Maps come in myriad styles and scales, and they make great wall art, as this scheme proves.

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For a vintage vibe, go for a multi-map design like the one shown here. For country-house grandeur, try a blown-up oil-painting mural.

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Or why not try a photo print of trees and bring the outdoors into a city flat ?

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17. Proceed with painterly pattern

Introduce brushstroke-style patterns in bold colours. This Impressionist-style wallpaper effortlessly showcases the graduated, ombre-effect that we have all come to know and love.

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Placing good design vases in front of patterned wallpaper gives more attraction, and we can also have some good design carpets and sofa or couch with little dark upholstery gives more attraction towards room.

18. Get in touch with texture

Mimic the look of stacked stone with realistic-looking faux wallpaper. Great for modern, urban spaces as well as country dwellings, this brick-style wallpaper effectively depicts a traditional, weathered brick wall.

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Faux wallpapers look all the more striking if kept to just one feature wall, with neutral furnishings and accessories. Less is more, so don’t use them in more than one or two rooms or the effect will be diminished.