Kitchen Breakfast Counter

The basic idea of the modern home is to unite every small detail according to the taste of one who lives in it. One interesting and popular supplement which is becoming more demanding in recent times is the breakfast counter or breakfast counter.

A beautiful breakfast counter is another necessary part of your dream home. Beside its functional features it also have amazing aesthetic features. It fits very well in every kind of kitchen whether it is open or closed.

Usually the newest kitchen designs are made with breakfast counter, but everything depend on your needs and desirable kind of kitchen. We made one wonderful collection of inspirational ideas just for you…!

1. Pick Natural Materials

Anyone looking for small kitchen ideas will be relieved to know that breakfast counters can be super stylish even in a compact space. The best way to achieve this is by constructing yours from natural materials, such as exotic stone whether real or lookalikes matched with shapely counter stools.

Pretty up your breakfast counter with an enormous bouquet of flowers, glass decanters and thin metal stools. You’ll wonder why you never had a special spot for breakfast before.

2. Create A Sociable Curved Breakfast Counter

If you have the space, using curved breakfast counter ideas will create a more sociable feel, like in this traditional style dark ash kitchen and other cabinets in wooden shade.

This is important if you tend to entertain in your kitchen, or regularly sit to eat at the breakfast counter as a single or as a family.

3. Extend An Island With A Breakfast Counter

When designing a kitchen island, why not fit a countertop surface that extends over the an island or run of units to achieve a more styled look ? This will give it the same feel as a dining table.

It will also give family and friends more room, whilst also ensuring every inch of space is utilized to its full potential.

4. Consider L-Shaped Breakfast Counter Ideas

If curves won’t suit the style of your kitchen’s design, another way to create a sociable breakfast counter is to create one that’s L-shaped. Here, different materials and levels have been worked into the kitchen island design to create a defined L-shaped kitchen dining zone, but you can make the look subtler by simply creating an overhang on two sides of your island.

This breakfast counter layout will require plenty of space around the island, especially on these two sides ideally you need two feet from the edge of the breakfast counter to the next unit so that there is room to push back stools safely.

5. Include A Breakfast Counter Into A Kitchen Island Design

Typically incorporated within the kitchen island or a peninsula scheme, breakfast counter create a relaxed and informal area.

Stylish and practical, they offer additional worktop space and storage opportunities, while also providing a social focal point where people can gather, entertain and enjoy a quick meal.

6. Add A Breakfast Counter To Banquette Seating

One of the advantages of a breakfast counter is its size. Freestanding breakfast counters take up much less space than a dining table, particularly considering they are usually styled with chairs/stools that will be tucked underneath.

If the breakfast counter is incorporated into an island, there really is no need for a dining table, unless you have the space for it.

Alternatively, you could tuck a breakfast counter into built-in banquette seating, as shown in the scheme above, to maximize the available seating on a small space.

7. Choose A Contrasting Breakfast Counter Material

With the addition of arresting light pendants or an eye-catching countertop, a breakfast counter on a kitchen island can become the room’s design centerpiece and this can effect can be exaggerated by choosing a contrasting material for the breakfast counter itself.

The addition of breakfast counter seating can create intimacy in the largest kitchen, and only requires a 1.5 feet worktop overhang on your existing kitchen island size to dine in comfort.

8. Create A Dropped Breakfast Counter For A Flexible Approach

If your kitchen has the depth, extending the breakfast counter at right angles to an island and dropping its countertop height can create a modern kitchen island idea that is the best of both worlds.

A dining area that feels comfortable, but which doesn’t take up the space of a separated element.

9. Make It Multi-Functional

Connect both water and electricity, and your breakfast counter will become an impressive workhorse, incorporating cooking, washing and cooling appliances.

This will free up surfaces in the rest of the kitchen, but we also see the island as an opportunity to have extra ovens or specialist appliances such as a teppanyaki, wok burner or BBQ grill.

10. Fit A U-Shaped Layout

For anyone researching U-shaped kitchen ideas, placing a set of stools on the outside of the peninsula will create an instant breakfast counter area without any renovation work required.

11. Define A Breakfast Counter With A Change Of Level

Whether freestanding or built-in, breakfast counter can use in the same material as the rest of the countertops to give the space a cohesive feel.

Alternatively, splitting the two areas with different design/height for instance, and elevating the breakfast counter slightly above the surface will help zone the kitchen.

12. Add A Touch Of Luxury With Upholstery

Fabric will soften your breakfast counter ideas, so pick counter stools to tuck under that are generously upholstered, and include complementing fabrics to use elsewhere within the kitchen design to exaggerate the effect.

The floral upholstery gives more attraction to the kitchen chairs which suites for wooden flooring.