False Ceilings

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Ceiling provides the largest unrestricted view of a room and is the first thing people notice when they enter building premises. It has to be designed in artistic manner. Improve the ceiling aesthetics as it the way everyone gets delighted when noticing. Ceiling has a huge surface area; it plays a significant role in the thermal comfort of a room.

False Ceiling

False ceilings are light in weight, moisture resistant and reduces condensation and subsequent dripping from ceiling onto work surfaces. We at Interior Era have positioned as an well known company in offering tailor-made false ceiling services to clients. False ceiling is the best artistic element in designing technology. Enhanced false ceiling pays way to an uttermost artistic appearance. Our false ceilings services add aesthetic value to interiors and can be customized easily. False ceiling has always been a popular product in the building industry but today this material that is always readily available, inexpensive, noise and moisture insulated can be easily manipulated to create the most incredible wall and ceiling designs.

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You can call False Ceiling as the fifth wall to any room.Traditionally ceilings were painted in white no matter what color was painted on walls. The ceiling paint was often used of lower quality paint. Anyhow, in last few years. this fifth wall has gained equal importance any wall design. thanks to one who initiated this trend and the widespread of acceptance of this design element.

We use only durable products which provide…

  • Fire resistance
  • Corrosion resistance
  • Dimensional accuracy