Wall Decor Ideas to Refresh Your Space

Nobody wants to stare at a blank wall all day long, which is why wall art is such a crucial part of the decorating process. An empty & wall is filled with a million possibilities a few changes here and there can make your house feel like a home.

1. Use Art on and off the Walls

Combining cool wall painting with mild colour techniques with some big artwork and decorative pieces makes for a maximalist display that is sure to make you smile.

Consider even displaying eclectic finds on stools near the wall to add more vibrancy and personality to your creation.

2. Freestyle Your Wall Decor

Creative hand at painting, recreate cool wall decor ideas by using a wooden plank shelf that will add personality to your space. Perfect for modern homes in need of warming up and to make a neutral space feel even more cozy. Paintings and photographs are the easier and more cost-effective ways to refresh any space, and blank walls offer a canvas of possibilities.

Using paint alone, there are many ways to decorate walls with size of framed artwork. We are seeing creative approaches to DIY designs and painting ideas such as painted archways, stripes, and geometric patterns on the walls. You can go more subtle with a monochromatic colour scheme for your design, using tints and shades with similar undertones.

3. Poster Art

A cool painted wall is an everlasting love affair in the interior design world. Ideal to add more life to a room with a modern finish, select a few canvas and poster prints also if you’ve an especially large amount of wall space to fill like in this bedroom & living room and enjoy the view.

4. Larger Than Life Wall Murals

A large, blank wall space can appear neglected and perhaps even a little boring. But sometimes filling this space can feel quite daunting. We love nothing more than a magnificent wallpaper mural to fill up a blank space.

If this isn’t right for your living room, then how about a beautiful wall hanging or large canvas ? Just remember that art is a reflection of one’s personality and uniqueness, so always pick artwork that truly speaks to you.

5. Layer Frames

You don’t always need to hang pictures and artwork on the wall itself, sometimes leaning artwork against the blank wall space and overlapping frames can create the statement display you were hoping to achieve.

6. Make a Statement in an Entryway

Another great way to decorate your walls without artwork is by using mirrors. And, if you want a little added impact in your foyer design, choose a statement piece like this ornate and grand design.

Mirrors are a great way to create a sense of space and light, especially when used on walls that do not have prints on them. You could also experiment with framing family photos, collages, or even small mirrors to get a vintage or upcycle effect.

7. One Piece of Art to Frame the Bed

In a cool minimal monochrome design bedroom you notice those finer details so don’t go overboard with artwork. One contemporary piece center aligned with your bed frame will be enough to pull your design scheme together to break up any unwanted white wall space.

8. Greenify

House plants jazz up most spaces and if you’ve a blank wall you can go to town with greenery.

Place them high, place them low, install a grid to make your wall decor display even easier to create and edit as you/they grow.

9. The Hat-Trick

If you’re one for a straw hat then not only will this wall display add charisma and uniqueness to a blank wall in a hallway/foyer or lounge space but, it will also be really functional too.

The hat-trick can also be done in bedrooms, create enough space on bedroom and place different kind of hats and it can be aligned or not aligned depends on your taste.

10. Curated Artwork Collection

You spend a lot of time in your living room, it’s the place to be with your family and friends and in many ways, it is where you should be at your happiest.

This should be reflected in your living room decor and especially on your walls…! Curate your art work as it suits you and your family. Even if it doesn’t totally match your space, it will still add more character to your home.

11. Floor to Ceiling Gallery Walls

If you don’t have any furniture against the wall, you could go for one of the top trends right now creating a floor to ceiling gallery wall.

This is a great way to add a sense of height to your space. You could also choose one large framed print to make a striking statement.

It all depends on your style and whether you like a clean, minimalistic look or something more personalised and expressive.

12. Keep Art in Unexpected Places

Bring artwork into your bathroom to complete the look, and to have something to stare at when you are in the tub… Choose wall art ideas that reflect the shapes and lines you have going on in the rest of your space and achieve a natural finish.

Several art works behind TV unit, when your TV gets boring you can have a look at the art works, the art works has several colours and textures to sit and enjoy it.

13. Mix Modern Art with Organic Textures

You can go contemporary without being harsh. Choose soft colours and play about with different shapes when decorating your walls for a balanced finish.

The geometric contemporary photos also gives more attraction on the walls, the alignment of the photographs gives more detailing on the wall.

14. Mantlepiece Wall Space

With that wall space behind a mantelpiece, you can go to town with decor for even more cozy vibes. Get yourself to a local flea market and see what you can find, you’ll often be able to pick up a bargain trinket, heirloom or two also to fill up that blank space.

15. Max out on a Variety of Artwork

Nod a little to maximalism has cleverly picked out colours in the rest of the space within one wall’s artwork to create cohesion in a busy interior design scheme. Here you can find alphabets photo frames with vertical and horizontal positions. Monochrome and colour images are placed beside.

This family has posted their family photographs including alphabets, here we have family canvas and a photograph even the adjacent wall has colour canvas.

16. Dray the Eye up with Miniatures

A little blank space can still be effective if you want the colour of your rooms to be the main event. If that is the case, use high rising wall trim as an opportunity to decorate.

Add small or medium size photographs or any trinkets that will fit for a personalized view that isn’t overly dramatic. Painted in small canvas.

17. Play with Shape

Cloakrooms, box rooms, bedrooms, home offices and hallways are the places to introduce bold patterns and complex wallpaper designs that really make you smile.

Choose a geometric print that calls on the shapes present on the wall for a touch of fun.

18. Textile Wall Art Ideas

From small macrame hanging planters to fabric canvas prints and more, adding different textures creates a soft finish on blank wall space and will make a living room feel even more personal to you especially, if you’ve made any of the art yourself.

19. Make Sconces the Feature

Mack again here uses brightly colored round sconce lights with exposed bulbs on the wall as a cute design feature. Helping the rest of the eclectic accessories and makes for a perfect contrast.

Decorative wall lights like mushroom or any other shapes of lights adds more decoration to wall. You can try different shapes of decorative lights according to wall size and furniture’s placed.

20. Use Your Mantlepiece Space

Use the mantlepiece shelf space to fill those blank gaps with decor accessories. Shelving units and standing cabinets are great alternatives to art and vase for filling large areas of wall space. Find your shelf space and let the magic happen.

Find some good light shade behind your chair or cot, it give wonderful atmosphere to your room. The golden light fittings gives more attractive for the room.

21. Embrace Colour Blocking

Cute colour combinations will help adorn a blank canvas quickly and efficiently. Choose one dominant colour then add in a contrast, brining it onto the furniture for more impact.

The colour combination acts main in interior design. The design has golden yellow on wall and milk white furniture’s and frame which supports wooden flooring. The copper colour vase stand adds more attractiveness for the room. The floormat is good option for wooden flooring.

22. Framed Arts & Crafts

Framed photos add character to free wall space above a painted mantlepiece in this award winning makeover.

The above wall has an good collection of photo frames & wall clocks. The wall shows wildlife photographs too.

Making your blank space personal is what it’s all about and the colour co-ordination here with the mantlepiece creates a perfectly design.

23. Colour Match one Statement piece of art

If you love painted art try and select a piece where the dominating colour transports you to the next room, and preferably to your favorite part of that space also. Note the teal from this abstract portrait nods to the colour suites to room furniture’s in the room.

This level of attention to detail is what makes a home’s interior design style stand out above the rest.