TV Unit

TV Unit - Interior Era

The entertainment section is probably the most important and central part of the living room. We usually prop our TV’s up on a TV cabinet or attach them to the largest wall appropriately facing our couches.

Modern TV Units offers a lot of different options when it comes to aesthetics and practicality. Some units are thin and space-conscious while others occupy entire walls providing plenty of storage space. Materials vary from solid wood to plastic and fiberglass, and the shapes are as different as human imagination allows.

But these modern wall mount TV unit designs by Interior Era definitely bring in some style. They are sleek, modern, and come with a variety of layout and styling options – Symmetric, Asymmetric, Floating cabinets, Ambient tv lighting & variable color palettes.

A Floating Console by Interior Era  TV Entertainment Center by Interior Era  Minimalist TV Unit by Interior Era  A Small TV Unit Design by Interior Era  Corner TV Unit by Interior Era  Swivel TV Unit by Interior Era  TV Wardrobe Wall Unit by Interior Era