Wonderful Living Room Interior Design

As the place where friends and family gather the most in a home, it’s important for a living room to be not only inviting but also well decorated. Every detail matters, from the decorative pillows and cozy throws topping your expertly upholstered sofa to the eye-catching colour combinations that enliven your space. And no primary living area is complete without a wonderful, soft living room rug underfoot to pull the whole look together.

Whether your living room is an open plan space in need of parlor style seating zones or a smaller, cozier spot. With everything from fearless splashes of colour to richly patterned wallpaper or textures, these masterful ideas will guide you in creating chic, statement making living rooms that burst with their own senses of character.

1. Let Artworks Inspire The Best Colour For A Living Room

More often than not, choose the artwork at the end of the living room decor process, but actually, a favorite painting can be used as your starting point.

Start with artwork our clients choose or already love and extrapolate a wider scheme from there, drawing out striking paint colours to create harmony within the room. Art is so personal but if it is a piece that really speaks to us, it is a great place to start a scheme as it will say a lot about a client’s general style and colour preferences.

Once those details has been decided, complementary upholstery and the softer details will flow more naturally to create a cohesive and beautiful scheme. Art is always part of the picture for everyone. The final elements are what gives a house soul and a touch of magic.

2. Divide A Living Room To Suit Your Daily Routines

Where once living rooms were somewhere we watched TV in the evenings, they’re now invariably sitting rooms, homework studies for kids, home offices for adults and of course, movie rooms which is why searches for broken plan living rooms are rising sharply.

So how to pack this all into one space ? If yours is a long living room you can divide it semi permanently without closing off an area of the room entirely. The smartest, most permanent way to do so is with a wall of wooden pillars and placing some indoor plants, allowing family members some time apart to pursue different activities, while keeping the room feeling spacious and open.

3. Add An Element Of Light Elegance

An antique rug defines the seating areas in this living room. The rich colours of the rug and traditional armchairs add warmth, their formality offset by comfortable couches covered in natural linen to introduce a lighter mood.

Furniture is symmetrically placed to create a balanced look, while the eye is drawn to the focal point fireplace in this cozy living room.

4. Mix And Match Materials

Accents of arm chair with multi colour cushions combine beautifully to bring depth to this scheme’s neutral base. Incorporate accessories in a variety of materials, including, metal, ceramic and wood, to create a modern look. Soften the scheme with plush upholstery fabrics, which enhance the feel of understated modern luxury.

5. Choose A Bold Wallpaper For An Impactful Space

If maximalism is your thing, bold living room wallpaper ideas, like the one in this living room are a good way to create a space that feels eclectic, lively and fun. Choosing a floral for a maximalist design is a good choice for a living space it will tone down the effect of the pattern to create an overall much calmer feel.

For a playful room go for a vibrant printed design on your furniture. If you’re not brave with pattern choose a plain hardwearing woven fabric.

6. Make A Feature Out Of A Monochrome Scheme

Black and white is ideal for a living space, where you can really go to town with pattern, texture and prints. An white sofa is a best choice in monochrome style. Plenty of black and white prints and an eye-catching rug will make a statement, and you can always soften the look with pale tones of grey, beige or creamy whites.

The monochrome art gives more stylish to the living room. The fascinating photograph or drawing with big size gives the room more beauty.

7. Pile On Texture With Classic Living Room Ideas

Piling on texture can be smart when creating neutral living room ideas.

In a quiet corner, the elegant form of a classical pedestal vase offers the perfect look for the living room. The cool plant basket placed near the window sunshine ensures a modern classic feel, as does the monochrome palette which works beautifully against the natural plaster walls and warmth of the sofa set. The tea table adds more classic decoration to the room.

Consider texture to be as important as colour and pattern. There is nothing worse than a flat design. Try mixing different textures such as natural linens with soft velvets or robust leathers with thick rugs.

8. Take Inspiration From Nature

The nature provided the inspiration for this scheme’s welcoming, earthy palette. This is quite a grown-up room, and the seating arrangement reflects this, with a pair of bespoke, modern classic chairs in a grey coloured, teamed with wooden flooring.

When looking at softer aspects within a space, opt for combination colours that can give a sense of warmth. If you are looking for a more trend led design then focus on investing in items with fringing or trims as it adds more depth to the design.

9. Perfect Positioning Is Invaluable

Once you’ve got your key ingredient the colour scheme in place you can start considering furniture and where to put it. Correct placement in living room layouts is invaluable and can make or break a scheme.

Colourful, jewel-toned single sofas and white colour pillows add a liveliness to the room, which features subtle pale brown walls and neutral fabrics. Artwork placed directly across a window balances out the opposite side of the room and allows the artwork to be seen from those sitting directly under the sofa. The partition with false ceiling gives more aesthetic to the living room.

10. Create A Conversation Area

To give your country living room an atmosphere of warmth and welcome, arrange seating to make conversation not the TV the focus.

In this room, the chairs and sofas face each other, on which a tray of drinks or afternoon tea could be placed. The comfortable furniture is softened further with cushions that invite you to relax and settle in for a while.

This type of furniture arrangement works really well for small or larger groups, too. The pair of sofa sets with their own simple glass top side table provide an area for peoples to sit and talk together, while the other sofas placed beside provide additional seating when crowds gather.

11. Embrace The Trend For Reimagined Ditsy Florals

This minimalist living room is a great idea and when you want a contemporary feel the perfect country living room idea is always better.

The neutral backdrop allows for the bright, colourful textile pattern to take center stage. The simple lines of the elegant, contemporary sofa have been covered with this glorious Spring Garden textile design for a heavenly pairing.

12. Focus On Flooring

Living room flooring sets the scene, so it is a very important starting point for a living room design.

The living room is often one of the most central and public rooms in the home. And although it may not receive as much foot-traffic as your entrance or kitchen, the living room can still sustain its fair share of wear and tear, especially if you have children or pets.

13. Furnish Wisely Around Statement Lighting

If you are picking out statement living room lighting for a room that doesn’t have really high ceilings, ensure your furniture particularly the coffee table and seating grouped on an area beneath the lighting is low-slung. This will allow the room to breathe and for the lighting to be a focal point without the space feeling crowded.

Think of the angles in the room and how to light them. Architectural lighting is a solution that designers also use to light dark areas, surfaces and to highlight a room’s structure. What you want to achieve is a range of light sources, light should be emitted from various points of the room and at different levels.

14. Choose Two Or More Shades Of The Same Colour

For a thoroughly modern feel in a period property choose a couple of shades of the same colour and use them in various spots in the living room.

Consider painting the ceiling too, it’s been a big trend recently that we feel will carry on for a good year or so.

15. Use Furniture Scaling To Exaggerate A Living Room’s Proportions

If your living room has low ceilings or you want to make a living rooms ceilings feel taller than they are picking a low-slung couch for a living room is a simple way to make the room feel taller.

Note, too low furniture creates a much more relaxed living room, while taller furniture or high backed seating creates a more formal feel.

16. Pick An Eclectic Combination For A Welcoming Living Room

The eclectic mix of patterns are perfect for weathering busy family life, while adding colour, interest and importantly warmth to the space.

The use of contrasting patterns work because the colour palette is complementary, with each subordinate to the couch.

17. Paint All The Surfaces In One Single Colour

Living Room in single colour, is head to toe colour painting the walls, woodwork and even the ceiling one colour for a welcoming, immersive room with a modern edge. We’d always recommend really thinking about how that colour will interplay with the light in your room and trying samples first to make sure you love it.

A full immersion of colour, with one stunning shade for all walls and woodwork, can bring interest into the room without overwhelming the eye; mid-tone colours work particularly well for this. The window seating style also complements strong architectural features in a fresh and modern way.

18. Plan The Layout To The Last Inch

Careful planning is all important when it comes to design and since the living room ideas are quite literally the center of the home, it’s all the more important.

Measure and plan where you are going to put each piece of furniture and make sure you have sockets in all the right places before you get decorating or ordering.

19. Match Walls To Furniture

When looking to match your walls to your furniture or vice versa, the question is to match or to contrast as each will produce a different style.

If you love a colour and are wedded to the idea of mirroring it throughout the space, whether it be a dusty rose sofa on pink walls or green wallpaper to match an sofa matching colour on colour is a fun, considered way to stamp your personality and style into the space.

The upholstery and wall colour with textural touches via accent pieces and accessories: think woods and brass, to keep the end look balanced and welcoming.

20. Add An Unexpected Twist

Feel the heat with a warming palette of earthy red, spicy blue and sandy violet mixed with a riot of pattern. A pink and blue plain curtain fabric is brought to life with a vibrant pattern on the reverse.

Set against a warm neutral backdrop, the warm tones used throughout are layered up for maximum impact, from the curtain fabrics with trim pelmet above, to the pattern cushion chairs, cushions and rug. All the colours and pattern make for a happy and uplifting combination.

21. Rethink The Colours You Choose For Woodwork

Sometimes it’s good to think ‘Out Of The Box’ when it comes to searching for living room ideas. The crockery unit and paneling painted in this off white creates a stunning focal point that acts as a perfect backdrop for the furniture placed in front of it.

Living room is often ruled by the ‘Paint Your Skirtings And Woodwork’ like window seat always the white colour give us more brightness and spacious. While the lights from outside gives us more brightness to the room.

22. Unite Classic With Contemporary Elements

Elegant mix of modern and mid-century modern living room design in living room. Allow the room’s beautiful proportions and original mouldings to shine by keeping the backdrop neutral.

Walls are painted in a subtle grey with texture and the floor is a natural oak, topped with a silky grey rug. The sofa’s shape almost embraces the angular center table, every piece in the room is individual, but together they create a sense of harmony, the natural colours and subtle textural makes us fresh.

23. Don’t Be Afraid To Mix Different Eras

You don’t need to have a one-track mind when looking for living room ideas.

Aim to create spaces that are inviting and timeless and we love to create a balanced mix of older antique pieces juxtaposed with vintage items and contemporary designs. Mixing the old and the new ensures that a room won’t be overly influenced by current trends and date quickly, while statement pops of colour and pattern combined with natural materials will really bring it to life with a tone of modernity.

Incorporate different design styles into our spaces, including mixing new with antique pieces. It helps to make the space feel layered and like it has been around for a long time.

24. Keep It Neat And Tidy

Modern life requires that the main room of the home fulfil a multitude or functions, so well-planned living room storage is key when designing and planning a living room.

Good storage is essential in a family room, and this shelving unit provides generous space for displaying favorite objects, books and photographs, while built-in cupboards and drawers conceal gadgets, games and AV equipment.

25. Use Rugs To Tie Living Room Colours Together

Living room rug ideas aren’t used as much as they should be but they can add so much to a scheme, including colour and pattern.

A strong rug can be transformational, bringing personality, texture and warmth to a living room. Sometimes they are a subtle design that anchors the overall scheme but sometimes it’s a stronger statement piece that dictates the tone of the whole room.

Whether you have a dramatically patterned rug that will be complemented by softened tones in the rest of the room, or a more neutral rug that will work with bolder colours and patterns, it’s likely to be an investment piece that will stand the test of time.

26. Create A Welcoming Space With A Ton Of Texture

If you are looking for long living room ideas that make cold and disunited spaces feel more cohesive and welcoming, look to this room of fine texture in furnishings, furniture and even wall surfaces and flooring, can make the space feel more cohesive and warmer.

In the living room picture above, the rug is the dominant textural feature in the room, echoed by the brick wall space and dark shaded adjacent walls. The effect is heightened and complemented by the wooden flooring with wooden shaded center table.

27. Enliven A Plain Scheme With Bold Artwork

Whether you are considering a quick living room update or are looking for living room ideas for creating a focal point, artwork is an excellent option.

Knowing the ambiance you are aiming to achieve in your living room helps, consider the architectural features of the room you are buying for, from ceiling height to the colour scheme and lighting, when choosing a work of art.

Living rooms are where the family gets together and where guests are entertained, making them the best places to showcase the richness and eclecticism of one’s art collection.

28. Let The Light In

A refined palette or soft colours and pared back style give this modern family living area. Modern living room ideas, such as the contemporary furniture, blinds, accentuate the light mood of this design. Have some indoor plants which circulates good air.

The colour punch supplied by the patterned rug, which adds interest and warmth to the room, and the filmy glass doors & windows that allow light into the room.

A quick and easy way to turn your window into a decorative feature is to introduce trimmings to existing curtains. For patterned curtains find a trim that complements the print and use it to add an interesting border, whilst with a plain fabric you can have a bit more fun, use the trim to create a stripe effect across fabric, creating a unique design feature.