Home Bar Designs

Home bars have been part of home plans for a long time. Some homes need huge rooms for their extensive bottle collection and entertainment needs, others prefer the hidden bar designs and then there are single dweller homes with mini wall bars.

Home bars do not only provide a safe and organised storage for your collection of wines and spirits, but it also helps you prepare drinks quickly, easily and efficiently by having all bar accoutrements in one place.

1. Modern Side Bar

A modern side home bar is best for the dining room, hallway and for smaller basements and party rooms. The home bar features a counter, a cooler, bottle rack and a couple of bar stools.

Very notable are the wall accents of stone design and a wooden floor, highlighted by several hanging lights. It’s really cool to sit and have a sip…!

2. The Great Divider

Compact and accessible. Enjoy your favourite drink quick and easy with this kitchen island home bar. Bottle slots on the bottom half and a spacious shelve on top for all your bar accoutrements.

The divider bar idea is one of the best home bar ideas and designs in recent years for apartments, flats, villas and smaller homes.

3. Enduring Classic

This classy home bar is sophisticated, graceful and timeless. This style will endure trends, go across home styles and fit into many people’s personalities and tastes. The lower compartment includes X box bottle shelves, shelves, a prep counter, some drawers and even have space in door.

To brighten up the look, decorate the bar with wine glasses, decanters and silver buckets and trays.

4. Sleek Minimalist

Modern, sleek and striking…! This edgy and trendy home bar doesn’t need much decor to captivate. A black and white island attached to the wall, sleek wood panel wall that hides cabinets, ceiling strip lights indoor plants and granite floors shelf. Simply impressive…!

The sleek minimalist bar unit has simple wood and glass shelf type and it’s open where two members can spend time over here. Since the room has big glass doors we get majestic views.

5. Pull-Out Drawers

This mini home bar gets a big plus for its convenient design. Making up for its size, the pull-out drawers optimise the available storage space without sacrificing convenience.

The bottom drawer has square spaces to place the tall bottles perfectly and the upper drawer is of open type and often used glasses and items are placed, so it’s easy to handle the items.

6. The Barn

This vibe is all about great conversations, amazing companions, good times. All you need for a barn-inspired home bar is a chalkboard wall, a wood or granite slab counter, a few vintage lighting and a freezer attached and drawers for storage.

7. All in the Wall

This home bar also doubles as wall decor. With smaller homes, home bar ideas and designs have become more creative. Save up on floor space by installing your home bar on the wall.

Great idea for bachelor pads and smaller shelves. Box shelves serve as storage, counter base. Use your creativity to design the best wall home bar fit for your taste and personality.

8. Bar in a Cabinet

This home bar is kept away from plain sight but is nearby and handy when situations call for a celebration, a party or just a relaxing sip before bed.

The cabinet is already complete with a bar cooler, a wine rack and shelves for storage.

9. A Nook Bar

Bright and charming, compact and accessible. Turn an awkward corner or a nook into this very practical and cozy home bar. It includes a wine cooler, a drawer, a cabinet, a small counter and a couple of shelves.

More than enough to provide you and your guests the refreshments you’ll need all day.

10. Grey Elegance

Modern, elegant and posh. This well-designed home bar takes only about two meters of your kitchen wall space, it is well-appointed that it already includes a couple of coolers, ample wine racks, storage drawers, shelves and service countertop.

The understated light grey tone highlights the luxurious wooden floor splashback.

11. Lounge with a View

Turn your balcony, window room or verandah into this amazing home bar. The bar is installed on one side of the room complete with a cooler, shelves and storage cabinets.

The frosty white gives more specious to the space overall theme and the brightness coming from the wide glass window. With the sofa set against the wall and glass tables with metallic design stools, the space is maximised. The spot lights adds more elegance to the room.

12. Under the Stairs

Put that awkward space under your stairs to great use. A home bar is just perfect…! The simple wooden countertop sets the moody vibe, while the glass shelves the wood looks rustic and charming look. The barrels gives additional decor for the bar space.

Completing the bar are shelves for the wine glasses and bottles, mood lights and square shaped shelves or racks for bottle storage purpose. And have enough space for cooler and seating’s.

13. Chic Nook

Why go out when you can enjoy your favourite drink from your own chic home bar ? Bring your friend over instead and have the party in the house..! Chic and modern, the look includes a wall cladding, a marble counter, and some amazing and impressive customised glass shelves wall storage with a small sink unit.

Here the chic nook bar is made up of dark shade with spectacular lightings with white shade bar chairs. Having enough storage space with concert wall design. Additional settings gives casino effect.

14. Marbled Opulence

For those who aren’t afraid to party in the light, this bright and magnificent home bar is for you..! The white, grey and several shades in between complement the luxurious marble wall and counters.

Complete the posh look with chrome bar stools and crystal pendant lights with wooden floor. And have wine glass shelves for decoration.

15. Rustic Industrial

Combine the rugged vibe of the Wild West with the warmth of rustic charm. The bare wooden floors, raw wood walls and wooden ceilings with metal roofing design all give strong impressions of bucolic hospitality and good times.

The vintage wood bar, vintage light and short back old-school bar stool drive in the industrial look.

16. Party Lights

This home bar is well-appointed, complete and efficient. The open glass box shelf serves as storage and showcase for your bottles and glassware. The counter below might includes a couple of coolers, while the one in front serves as the bar.

Complete the look with amazing party lights and hanging classic chandelier with wonderful ceiling..!

17. Well-Lit

Modern, opulent and striking. This in-wall cabinet home bar is well-designed for efficiency and style. When the inside strip lights are lit, the bar is bright against the brick style wall, turn off the lights.

The bar is obscured by the brick style walls. The lower portion of the bar has two coolers, while the upper shelves serve as storage and a sink for washing and a prep counter top. Here the wall lit is great. Wooden ceiling and wooden racks looks great with hanging lights and spot lights.

18. A Garden Bar

Bring the party outdoors with this cool garden bar. Perfect for pool parties or just lounging in your deck or garden and enjoying a few drinks, alone, with your significant other or with friends.

Complete with coolers, wine shelves, a bar and a pair of bar chairs, have an vine glass hanger, put some lights hanging bell and flower creapers for decoration purpose.

19. Kitchen Wall

No space for a home bar ? No problem…! This mini home bar is just a kitchen wall. With a regular granite counter with sink space where you can set down the bar unit and in wall shelves for storage, the home takes zero floor space and very minimal shelf space. You’ll love its accessible location too..!

Else small space in kitchen can be arranged with readymade bar counter which can be opened at the time of usage and can be closed at the time of not in use. Additional small bar chairs can be used for seating. This is an minimalist bra unit fits exactly in kitchen space.

20. Outdoor Pallet Bar

Complete your backyard party scene with this outdoor pallet bar. Made entirely of wood pallets, the small yet extensive home bar.

includes a sink, a beer dispenser, a wall-mounted liquor dispenser and shelves for glasses and more bottles. You can easily close up shop when the party is over.

21. A Secret Stash

Hidden home bar ideas and designs are popular. This is a very accessible yet discreet home bar. Easily hide your home bar with a fake wall that doubles as a cabinet door.

This regular long doors hides a complete handy home bar that includes an elegant bar counter, dozens of your favourite drinks, cooler and enough glasses for you and your guests.