Stylish Teenage Boys Room Decor

Designing a teenage boy’s room might feel like a scary gamble for many parents. That’s because this space needs to be styled to suit the teen’s strong likes and dislikes. It must showcase his passions, while being practical at the same time.

We’ve put together a bunch of teen rooms interior design ideas here, some with smart study corners and intriguing storage options and others that just boldly represent personalities…

if you’re looking to design his space from scratch, you’re in for a treat…!

1. Embrace A Theme

Choosing a theme for your teen boy’s room is the first step when it comes to a room makeover. Ask your teenage boy what their interests, hobbies, what colors they like, and then choose a theme based on that. There is various kind of room ideas based on their likings, whether it is industrial style, vintage, minimalist, athletic, or anything else.

If your teen boy likes cricket, skateboards or music, make a room that is that themed. If they are into surf, have the interior design based on music. Don’t shy away from giving your teenager free rein. It is their room, and so the room makeover should surely be based on their taste.

2. Blend Their Taste With Style

When you are thinking about the room design, incorporating their taste should be your first priority. But don’t forget to have a nice blend between everything while trying to incorporate their style. Just because your teen boy loves football doesn’t mean you need to paint a football pitch on the wall. So, look for ways to bring their taste in more subtle ways.

One of the finest teenage boy room decor ideas is to add some statement pieces in your boy’s room to make the interior design more classy. You can also try doing accent walls with your teenage boy’s favorites.

3. Choosing A Color Palette

The color scheme is crucial for room designs and makeovers. Doing a makeover without having a particular color palette in mind can be very disastrous. So, ask your son about the colors that they like and then plan the room makeover based on that.

If your son likes muted tones, go for neutrals, dark, and rusty colors. If your son likes bold colors, plan the room decor based on those colors. For the teens who like bold colors, doing several accent pieces with a little dark background could be the perfect option.

4. Wall Art

You can never go wrong with wall art. Go through your teens likings and plan a wall mural based on that. Adding a street-style wall mural will turn the small space into a cool room. If you want to touch more personal touch, you can let your son make their own creation.

Paint colors and designs that your teenager will like but make sure everything blends well with the theme. You can also do wall art that shows your sons passion.

5. Wall Decor

Having an open display shelf to show all of your sons achievements is also a great way to add a personal touch with his favourite game theme. Try to add wall decors or wall colouring that resonate with your teenage boy the most. That way, the wall decors will have more meaning than just being a mere showpiece.

When your teen son have interest in music then you can arrange for some musical instruments and speaker arrangements. So, your son might love you more in this fashion of wall decoration.

6. Add Storage Space

As a teenager, plenty of storage is a must thing to have in a room. You can add built-in storage rooms so that they can have more space. Open storage pieces are also perfect for displaying treasured items.

Try to find innovative storage solutions that will make the room look aesthetic as well as add plenty of storage.

7. Chalkboard Wall

If your future Nikola Tesla needs some extra space to scratch out some equations, what better idea than a chalkboard wall ? Walls like this can be created very easily with chalkboard paint, so just choose an accent wall and get rolling. This will give your mathematician the area he needs to get to the square root of it all.

If your teen is more into rustic vibes, then a cool black and white room is the perfect option for you. Go for wood furniture for the window screens and match the rest of the decor. Adding a few rustic pieces like a chalkboard, space for some musical instruments can make the place look more classy. Matching the decors will make the space look more put together.