Fabulous Dressing Room Design and Decor

Dressing room is where your personality is reflected. Your look comes from there and it represents your style. Hence, dressing room interior should be chosen and designed in such a way that all your items are in your reach, your shoes are set in one place while clothes, scarves, and ties in separate sections.

Designing this room is very creative process and needs a lot of care and consideration along with the choices and demands of a person.

The creative team of interior era always come up with unique and up to the mark dressing room design ideas for you to choose from and we strive to make it look worthy and manageable at the same time.

1. Calm & Classic

A sleek bank of built-in wardrobes is ideal for maximising the feeling of space, while keeping everything in place and hidden away. Use the same neutral paint shade on furniture and walls in a velvety matt finish to create a wraparound effect that reflects light without appearing stark, then add concealed hinges, elegant hardware, the classic handles and comfy seating to complete the look.

2. A Simple Dressing Room Style

This simple dressing room design with its elegant texture or high glossy and good finish is surely every woman’s dream come true. This type of dressing room furniture is a mix of closed or open or walk-in storage, drawers and open shelves providing oodles of wardrobe space.

The central floor area is left open and clutter-free enhancing the minimalist yet stylish feel that the dressing room has. The soft ambient light is complemented by discrete task lights around the dresser, finishing the room’s look.

3. Waste Not, Want Not

Space is like gold for an interior designer and it is sheer blasphemy to waste it or not utilise it properly. Precious real estate has been used to the fullest in this design with dressing table. Note the clever use of a bedroom space.

A sliding door wardrobe has been installed near along with a mirrored dressing table. Drawers run the length of the dressing table. And that is not all..! The windows gives enough brightness to the room and make the room dry at most of the time.

4. Tuck It Tight Into An Alcove

We firmly believe that space constraints need not dampen your enthusiasm for classy decor. This dressing room design illustrates just that. The small alcove is effectively converted into a dressing room mirror. The dressing cabinet design is quite smart, with the set of drawers mounted, with skirting from ground level. Open shelves add to the clean look and a mirror makes dressing easy and convenient. The entire space seems even bigger with a broad mirror running alongside seemingly doubling its size of the small space.

Here on the above dressing room you have elegant mirror with white wall mounted drawers and stool for sitting and broad mirror, and side closed unit has it’s own style which has shelves inside the door.

5. Reflections That Won’t Be In Vain

Our next recommendation for dressing room designs with mirrors is a gorgeous walk in closet. The wall of open shelves filled with shoes, will surely grabs your attention. What is also striking is the large size mirror that makes this room space seem much bigger. Closer inspection will reveal that the mirror is mounted on the wall making it a wonderful for dressing room. This dressing room has everything you need to help you get ready for the day or prepare to dazzle at the party.

This walk-in dressing room has lot of open space for dresses. The mirror is mounted within cabinet with stool to sit, an island is made as chest of drawers and lot of drawers are made for easy access of the accessories. The texture colour of the room is same all over with wood patters with light shade, so even small space looks big in size.

6. Painted Ceiling

This dressing room has antique chandelier. It feels a very interior designed space, thanks to the painted ceiling, carpet floor to ceiling cabinetry and the pretty good lightings that incorporate both colours. A bust on the vanity island table offers a fun way to place jewellery bags and other accessories.

The false ceiling gives more ambience to the dressing room. When we talk about false ceilings then we want to speak about lighting system also, the light’s in the false ceilings is more important for the room.

7. Open Plan

This bespoke dressing room and walk-in wardrobe is laid out so you can see all the clothes, rather than having everything stuffed in cupboards.

8. Double Height

Open space in the compartments and roof loft’s gives more storage space in this dressing room. The design makes the best use of the high ceilings here.

Floor-to-ceiling units make the most of space, plus they’ll look neater than wardrobes with boxes on top. Include high shelves for luggage and out-of-season clothes.

Glass-fronted doors are ideal for reminding you of what’s stored up high, plus they’ll help break up a solid bank of units.

9. Add a Wallpaper

Windows are rarely present in dressing rooms, so a mural or patterned wallpaper will create a show-stopping vista. Detailed motifs drawn from nature work well.

Hang the mural behind the dressing mirror (or) table as this is the area you’ll spend most time looking at. You can tie furniture in by covering your seat in a coordinating material too.

10. Bench Seating

This elegant, dressing space features padded wooden style flooring and a bench for trying shoes on.

11. Lights Make Your Dressing Room Pretty

While you can always install task lighting to aid your dressing, there is nothing quite like natural light to do the job. This wardrobe design does exactly that by taking full advantage of light streaming in through the balcony glass doors. One-fourth of the wardrobe is given over to the dresser with glass doors installed. Discreet drawers are built below ensuring a clean look that is also practical. Flush mount ceiling light right above provides the required light for gloomy days and dressing after daylight hours.

The above dressing unit looks very simple and elegant. An dressing unit attached to the bedroom with mirror and shelves. Here the mirror is mounted on the wardrobe, even though this bedroom has small space the full mirror gives more space to the room. It’s very simple & effective design.

12. Get That Seating Right

A good wardrobe with dressing table design will give you practical storage solution and a mirror. A great dressing cabinet design also provides seating. The seating in this dressing area is solved by unconventional means, through a pouf.

The pouf can magically blend into the wardrobe by being tucked away under the mirror in the space specially designed for this purpose. When required, simply pull it out and convert the area into a mini dressing room.

13. Slim It Down

This average size bedroom has a dressing cabinet design that floors you. Side tables are entirely done away with and instead a dressing cabinet is placed. In keeping with the dimensions of the space, the dressing cabinet and mirror are kept quite slim. The single drawer provide enough storage space and enough leg space is available. The mirror is purposely designed to be tall and narrow or little broad to add height to the room. Note how there is empty space left around the dressing cabinet, adding to the open feel of the room. Placing the mirror next to the window also makes for a great dressing room idea.

Here the finishes is done by high glossy laminates with white colour. So. the room space is maximum with good lightings here too the dressing unit is very slim and elegant. The dressing unit provides enough space to keep all accessories and hang them too and has enough ventilation.

14. Integrate The Dressing Cabinet

Make your furniture multi-task with this dressing design. A workspace and a dressing cabinet come together to create a fabulous combo. The dressing cabinet is simple in its elegance with the mirrored closet doing double duty as a cupboard and a mirror. A TV Unit with dressing table is also a very good option for bedrooms.

15. Add Class With Glass

Looking for dressing room wardrobe design ideas that are awe-inspiring ? Here is one that will get your creative juices flowing. Don’t shut away your closet contents behind plain-vanilla dressing cupboard with closed storage. They may hide many a messy sin but don’t hold a patch to glass doors.

This dressing cupboard has many intelligent organising solutions to ensure the contents of the wardrobe appear neat and worthy of display. Concealed lights shed subtle light on clothes and accessories helping you easily locate your things. Not to forget it gives your dressing room a sense of wow.

16. When Your Dressing Cabinet Is Not A Cabinet

Who says that a dressing design needs an entire plethora of cabinets, wardrobes and racks to be complete ? The absolute simplicity of this dressing design proves that all you need is some imagination. Several floating shelves flank a full-length mirror in an aesthetically pleasing pattern.

These are handy for keeping perfumes, make-up and jewellery on floating drawer. Dark tones of the mirror frame and offset paler tones of colour in the room. The dressing design is highly recommended if you want to save on floor space and have a wall to spare.

17. Make Lofty Ideas A Reality

There are times when a wardrobe design with dressing table means that you must cut down on loft space. Not with this space-saving solution. The wardrobe in this room begin with a dressing cabinet. Drawers finished with dark grey. The top of the drawer holds dresser items.

The loft stretches above the dresser and across the room. This design element above the dressing table does not compromise on space. Since the dressing cabinet section of this wardrobe is placed in the extreme right of the doors, the dressing unit space is the highlight of the room and that greets you instead of a boring cupboard.

There you have it..! A bunch of beautiful dressing room design ideas where luxury meets practicality. Needless to different designs will suit different individuals depending on lifestyle and priorities. However, these design ideas are sure to give your home an everlasting element of style and class.