Amazing Ways To Decorating Interior Niches

Our homes can full of interesting and unique features. It’s what makes them so different from the next home. Interior niches can be a part of these unusual features and sometimes it can be a challenge to figure out what to do with them.

Interior niches or alcoves can be found all over the home, in living rooms, bedrooms, entryways and any other room in the house…! Depending on the space you can turn your wall niche into an amazing feature. Here are some top ideas and inspiration for decorating and styling those home details…!

1. Make Wall Niches Stand Out

You were born to stand out, baby…! Don’t let your wall niche fade into the background. Help it stand out with these elements that really make a difference.

2. Big Wall Niches

If you have a big and deep wall niche, bang in the middle of the wall there’s not much way of hiding it. It’s better to put the interior niches to practical use…!

Here the TV Unit is created in wall niche. The back ground of the niches space has been panelled with 3D embossed sheets which is contrast to floor shade, the spot lights add more elegant to this niches.

3. Paint, Tile and Molding

A small change can go a long way to make a wall niche the focal point in a room. By using a contrasting color of paint or adding a tile backdrop, you can easily elevate your niche into something more special and intentional. You can make a subtle change by painting (or tiling) the niche a darker tone of the color already on the walls or make a bold choice by selecting a contrasting shade to make the wall niche pop.

You can also set your niche apart by taking a tip from the history books and installing some molding. “Historical” doesn’t mean stodgy or buttoned up, though…! Scallops and caps can be modern if used in the right way. Decorative molding around the niche not only highlights the niche itself, but makes it a more intentional and purposeful part of your room’s design.

4. Add in a Statement Piece

Draw your guests’ eyes to your wall niche by displaying a statement piece there. A niche itself can make a statement, and displaying a carefully-chosen item can up the statement factor even more.

Just make sure the two elements complement each other. Lights adds more elegance to niches.

5. Highlight the Space with Art

Sometimes, a wall niche is up so high that it doesn’t make sense to be used as a display area for smaller items. But you can make the niche work double duty by using it to placing a piece of art…!

We suggest our clients that a wall niche can serve as the frame for your art, making it a structural and decorative element in the room.

6. Fireplace Niches

A little empty spaces next to the fireplace need some consideration on how they’re designed. Using a different colour on the niche from the fireplace brings attention to both features. Niches on both side of the fireplace gives of storage space.

The above living room fireplace have enough space to decorate and an rustic style open shelf over the fire place niche. Beside it also we have niche with wooden shelves for storage, decoration and we can also used as book shelves.

7. Turn Your Wall Niche Into A Functional Area

When you have a wall niche that reaches the floor, a piece of furniture may be just what the space needs, so we can make ready of an relaxing space with cushions & pillows, this plan always looks great feel.

If you have an home with a small niche, consider putting a small table or even a little bench there. In such case this space is just asking to become an entryway or landing area for your home. A larger wall niche is the perfect space for a bar or a desk, depending on the room it’s in. This can help the niche look purposeful while highlighting a well-designed piece of furniture.

Is your wall niche near a fireplace ? It’s the perfect place to store logs. This serves two functions: it uses the wall niche effectively, and adds a decorative twist to your functional firewood.

8. House a Home Library in a Deep Niche

Wall alcoves come in different depths. Small home library and a place to plop down. Painting the niche a contrasting color from the living room walls makes the small niche feel more prominent and super inviting.

9. Add A Decorative Sculptural Element

Depending on the placement of your wall niche, it may make sense to “turn it” from a niche to a window, sculptural elements can mimic the feel of a window while adding elegance to a room.

Consider adding a beautiful, faux wrought iron design in your wall niche. This can pay homage to a window design without looking like a “fake window.” Attractive carved panels can do the same thing.

If you are able, adding lights in these wall niches can make them seem more like a window and bring light into the space.

10. Turn an Odd Corner into a Tiny Home Office

An odd wall niche in this small bedroom into a tiny home office, even though the space is small it has been used in perfect way. We have enough space for seating chair and writing table.

Here we have additional shelves for storage and enough drawers for storage. So we can place desktop and printers.

11. Fake Built Ins

If you think about some of the more charming elements of older homes, one thing inevitably comes to mind: built-ins. You can upgrade your wall niche to beautiful built-ins by adding shelves, strip lights and other purposeful storage. By having everything the same color and texture, you can effectively recreate a built-in without a huge undertaking.

Use this time to think about what would be the best for your family and let your imagination run wild…! These fake built-ins can turn into a faux mudroom, or, if you’ve got some scholars in the family, a cute reading nook with bookshelves above. Built-ins are more than shelves and photographs, so really dream big to make this space the most effective it can be.

12. Fill in the Wall Niche with Furniture

If you are able, an excellent way to mix function and design with your wall niche is to add a piece of furniture like small freezer compartment with a drawer and open shelves. The size of your niche may change the course you take, but no matter what, great furniture can elevate your niche into something more.

You have the choice to make the furniture inside the niche stand out, or blend in with its surroundings. A large niche might be a beautiful way to frame a wingback chair or rustic style chair. Or maybe you can find (or custom build) a dresser that tucks perfectly into your niche. It will look like the niche was made for that piece of furniture, not an afterthought or potentially random design element in the room.