Room Themes For A Teenage Boys Room Makeover

Before starting a complete makeover, it is always better to choose a theme or style first. Choosing a particular style or theme makes the whole makeover process so much easier. A perfect color scheme and theme can basically turn the room upside down.

Let’s see some themes that you can probably use for the boy room or man cave.

1. Minimalist Theme

Nothing can go wrong with a minimalist theme room. Choosing a neutral color palette and just having the things they need are the keys to a modern room.

This kind of space can easily appeal to teen boys because of its simplicity.

2. Classy And Cool Room

If your teen is more into rustic vibes, then a cool black and white room ie., monochrome style is the perfect option for you. Go for wood furniture for the rusty vibe and match the rest of the decor.

Adding a few rustic pieces like a cupboards, chalkboard, a chessboard, lamp, picture frames can make the place look more classy. Matching the decors will make the space look more put together.

3. Athletic Style

For the teens boy who are into sports, a room inspired by their favorite sport could be their dream come true. You can add open shelving so that they can display items related to their favorite sport.

Those who like cricket can display their favourite stars photos; skaters can display their skateboards; surfers can display their surfs, and so on. Adding a photograph mural displaying the things they want can also add personality to their room.

4. Totally Vintage

For bringing vintage vibes into your teen boy’s room, you can shop in thrift stores, flea markets, and estate sales for the perfect vintage furniture and decor.

This type of tween space is accented with classic items like a cloth hanger stand, metal chair, cozy beds, vintage style bookrack, and many more.

5. Industrial Style

Industrial designs are quite on-trend lately as this style is very cool and edgy. This type of style is perfect for any teenager’s room due to its mix of edginess and coziness.

For decorating a place inspired by this theme, metal staircase, a cozy bed, an collection of metal wall clocks and a custom fixture are a must. Add metal and reclaimed wood accents like wooden chair and chest in your teen’s space to bring this style to life.

6. Burst of Colour

If your colour likes bright and bold things, this style of the room might just be the perfect option. First, you need to know what your teen’s favorite color is. Then go with several accent pieces of that color in your teenage boy’s room.

Some bold, colourful window blinds or accessories like hanging chair, Bookcase, Photograph etc.,

7. Dark and Dramatic

Black walls are a good starting point for a bedroom makeover for the teens with a flair for the dark. Adding contrast between the dark with white accents is the key point for such spaces. You can also add just the right amount of color through colorful pillows, decor, or furniture.

In conclusion, there is plenty of teenage boy room decor ideas. Hopefully, these room ideas will help you design the perfect teenage boy room.