Swivel TV Unit

As the name suggests, the entire TV unit stands on a rotating base. This makes it easy for you to position the television set in any direction to suit your viewing convenience.

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This is a good option for smaller spaces or situations where flexibility is essential.

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This innovative TV mount is an exclusive. True 3D full motion is achieved with an arm that adds both vertical movement as well as horizontal movement to the TV.

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This TV unit provides ground level view. This swivel TV unit provides us all three viewing positions, Stand View + Sitting View + Ground View.

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TV is in every family. At least one, as a maximum – in each room, including the bathroom and balcony. We grab the remote, barely closing the front door, and fall asleep to the sounds coming from the screen. TV is our best, and sometimes the only friend, and deserves an appropriate attitude.

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He can not roll where it is necessary. His task is to be a stylish design element harmoniously inscribed in the interior, not to occupy someone else’s place and delight us with the convenience of watching your favorite shows.

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This TV wall mount offers an attractive way to display your TV while also providing flexible viewing options.

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The arm can easily be adjusted, allowing you to enjoy in a more comfortable, ergonomically correct position.

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