Here are some useful tips…

  • Even though the dimensions of the triangular area vary according to the size and shape of the kitchen, here below are a few fundamental concepts.
    1. Given that plumbing works are very expensive, design your new kitchen based around the current position of your sink. Place the dishwasher near the sink, this way it will be easier to install the necessary pipes.
    2. Place a worktop near the refrigerator so that food can be removed and laid down quickly, reducing the time the refrigerator door is open.
    3. Avoid placing tall storage units or dresser units within the work triangle area. In a built-in kitchen it is advisable to group together the tallest units at one end of a continuous work surface and in general in an area outside of the triangle.
    4. Calculate the space required to fully open the doors of the electrical appliances. Dishwashers require a lot of space as in order to use them you need to be able to stand in front or to one side of them.