Walk-in wardrobes are the dream wardrobe of most of us but only a lucky few can afford it. They are the epitome of luxury with massive storage space for clothes and other accessories.

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Coupled with organizing accessories they offer a great opportunity for creating a highly organized space. A well designed space for everything. For fashion conscious people who love to collect variety of opulent items it is the ideal choice.

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A standard walk-in-wardrobe will have hanging and storage space on all the three sides. It works best if you have an unused room or a decent amount of spare space which then gets separated with another pair of doors making it an ideal walk-in-closet.

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Despite being an aspirational choice for many (how are we supposed to have extra space in today’s small apartments), this is a good value option with marginal extra cost.

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Today, walk-in closets are not exclusively owned by a lord. Anyone can organize and arranged an area to store their belonging properly in a walk-in closet.

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Consider stealing some inches from the footprint of an existing room – space under eaves can be sectioned off for example, with drawers against the short wall and hanging space against the new full height partition.

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If you’re extending your home to incorporate a new bedroom or bathroom, plan the layout a little more carefully and include some clever storage space too. Thinking ahead can save time, money, and help you make best use of the space.

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You can always put an extra set of drawers in the bedroom but you can’t hang your clothes there. Separate short and long garments and measure how many meters of hanging space you need for each, then add 20% more.

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An average 2.2m ceiling height will allow for two rows of short hanging, one above the other, or one row or long hanging with shelves or drawers underneath.

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Shelves above hanging rails or doors can be used to accommodate less frequently used items (hat boxes, say) and a set of closed cupboards will protect more expensive garments from dust. Install a set at the end of a long walk in wardrobe, and use mirrored doors to maximise the feeling of space.

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Shoe bars only work with heeled footwear, so instead choose flat shelves and see through plastic boxes, which are great for stacking and locating the right shoes at a glance.

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Such as a pull out ‘shoe larder’ (similar to those found in kitchens) can show multiple pairs in a narrow space, and mean shoes are stored separately.

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Pocket doors or sliding doors won’t encroach on the storage space, and consider underfloor heating that ensures that valuable wall space remains free.

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Drawers are more expensive than shelves, so folding and stacking garments such as jumpers can help to maximise your budget.

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