Sloped Wardrobes

Sloping wardrobes are the ideal solution for sloped ceilings, attic bedrooms and under the stairs.

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They offer a versatile way of creating useful storage space. For e.g., : under the staircase, hence making the most of a wasted space.

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To begin with, you should first know that any ceiling can work with a wardrobes if the design is thought through thoroughly. You should keep in mind that a sloped ceiling wardrobes will more than likely require more floor square footage than a ceiling. The reason is because you have to expand out away from the wall in order to get the height.

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But there are ways to put this to your benefit. For example, instead of having a toe kick install a drawer below. You may as well. The depth will be quite good, and it would be wasted space otherwise.

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On the other hand, you could do the reverse. If the wall offers enough height to hang close comfortably, just hang them within that space. Then, along the sloped ceiling you could add storage space for shoes or other small items.

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You could also forego the shelving if you prefer to just install the rods. However, this would probably only work well if you have other means of storage for all of those items that require shelves or drawers.

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We will place shelving along one wall that offers ceiling height, and used the remaining space as hanging storage.

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If we have one of those large rooms with that one sided sloped ceiling, consider turning that side of the room into a walk around closet.

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All we really have to do is put up a wall with openings at either end. Then we add some closet shelving. This is a nice solution to those bonus rooms that comes alive.

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Likewise, you could add a header and some sliding doors along the sloped ceiling to create a closet space.

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Above, the header has been trimmed out and crown molding added to give it that final finishing touch. Contact us for more details on Sloped Wardrobes…