G – Shape Kitchen

G-Shape Kitchen Design is a hybrid version of U-Shape Kitchen. G-Shape is basically an extension of fourth leg to a U-Shape Kitchen Design in the form of peninsular. G-Shape Kitchen design is the layouts where more than one person can easily cook and walk around in other part of the kitchen and an added feature to G-Shape Kitchen with an Island make this design more and powerful design in comparison with other type of kitchen design.

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G-Shape Kitchen Design is typically dedicated to storage area, counters and provides more space to special appliances such as Deep Fryer, In-built-Refrigerator, Warming drawers, Barbecue and other amenities which will offer much freedom among two work areas as possible.

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Key features of a G-Shaped Modular Kitchen Design

  • Perfect design for large family requires extra space in kitchen.
  • Ample storage and counter space for utensils and cooking.
  • More than one cook can function better in this type of kitchen design.
  • Offer great space for kitchen amenities.
  • Island can be an added advantage in this type of kitchen layout.

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Functional Design

To make the room feel more spacious, open up the wall in a nearby room and create a pass-through or breakfast bar for the family. It has an exotic fashionable appearance of its own and makes the kitchen look.

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A minimum of 10x10ft (3 x 3m) is needed to design an effective layout for G shape kitchen which eventually expands into a larger room but with a manageable sized kitchen triangle. When the layout is small do not have all the appliances put together on one side but split to 2 sides and have 1 self service area or desk. This can help one using two under counter refrigerators to preserve the counter space in kitchen.

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  • The kitchen should have enough counter space.
  • Make sure there is sufficient space for storage. Try using some different and innovative storage ideas unlike the regular designs.
  • The kitchen should have an effective layout, including a kitchen triangle.
  • The kitchen should have good amount of privacy for preparation and dining area privacy from rest of the home.