One-wall Kitchen

A one-wall kitchen design isn’t a new concept. Until recently, a lot of people are beginning to see that this kind of design hold a lot of potentials, for example, the kitchen only takes up a single wall.

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Interestingly, it sticks to the wall, which benefits you in certain things, such as gives you more space and prevents you from breaking up an open floor-plan from the kitchen to the dining space and living room.

1. Use the wall space above the counter for additional storage

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Sky’s the limit, or at least your ceiling is, when it comes to how much storage you can add on to a wall. You can create an incredibly efficient storage system with shelves for glassware, hooks for mugs, pegs for pans, and a rod for frequently used utensils without taking up much space at all.

2. Invest in kitchen supplies you don’t mind showing off

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If your kitchen is in the same space as, say, your dining and living room, set out colorful and well-designed pots, pans, kettles, and dinnerware right on the stove or counter (or even on that weird shelf created by the tops of your cabinets) when not in use.

3. Realize that anything can become a pantry

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Double points for adding a magnetic knife strip to the side and/or magnetic spice jars for even more storage that doesn’t take up counter space.

4. Mount your dish rack

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If your rental isn’t blessed with a dishwasher, spare what little prep area you have on the counter of your one-wall kitchen by adding a shelf above the sink for air drying—even better if it’s actually a designated dish rack that props them upright.

5. Add cozy accents that make it feel more like a real room

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When you have a kitchen that is really just the wall of another room, adding proper overhead lighting and warm accents like a good rug can make it feel more cohesive, a room you actually enter into rather than just a wall you have to visit to make tea.