Basement Remodeling

Are you ready to update your basement for extra living space ?

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Your basement or cellar can be an extension of your home! It should be living space, not just wasted or storage space. Those that have had their basements finished agree that remodeling your basement is a valuable investment. Some of the most popular are a game room, play room, work out/exercise room, family room, entertainment area, office area, laundry and guest room “man or woman cave”, yeah we said it are all popular choices for basement spaces. The list is long. We believe that a well-designed basement can accommodate all of the above! The Interior Era team will work with you to design the basement you deserve and envisioned. Then our professional carpenters will build that vision and bring it to life. We will be courteous, clean and efficient and provide you the best experience possible.

1. A Balance of Functionality and Aesthetics

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While basements get a bad rap at times, if built finished out or remodeled later on, they actually offer a wealth of extra living space for many purposes and activities. If you are lucky enough to live in an area where basements are a commonly built element of most homes, you may just be sitting on a myriad of abundant new living possibilities! Transform your unfinished or previously finished basement into a healthier,comfortable living area within few days.

2. Focus On What Your Family Needs

The best way to figure out how to put your basement to use is to determine what your home is missing.

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Maybe it’s just great extra space, a blank palette—there are so many awesome ways you can use the basement. A movie room, game room, family room or kitchenette can provide a special place for the family to bond and have fun.

3. A Masculine Makeover

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Even the most die-hard family guy needs some alone time. Basement remodeling has the added benefits of privacy and quietness, so a finished basement is often used for purposes that would be disruptive in the upstairs living areas or for rooms that are better separated from the main living space.

4. Glow with the Flow

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One of the most popular uses of a finished basement is the man cave, a sanctuary of sorts that is comfortably tucked away from the practicalities of the rest of the home and the demands of everyday life. The idea is to make this space entirely about you and about the things you love to do.

5. Relax and Retreat

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A varied color palette of warm and cool neutrals helps highlight the architecture of the room.

6. Spotlight with Soft Lighting

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A basement design/redesign with lighting, though time-consuming and cost-intensive, not only adds to your basement space, it can also increase the value of your basement. Additionally, it allows you to explore ideas that you often apply to your basement.