Windows & Doors Replacement

Have you ever thought about upgrading or renovating your existing living space ? More traditional homes were designed with smaller windows, window seats and doors. This was due to the heat loss associated with older windows and doors as well as the decreased level of security that large windows offered. Yes, replacing your old windows and doors is a great investment and is one of the most frequently overlooked home improvement project.

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Along with being a great investment, replacing your windows and doors can actually save you money not just monthly but year-after-year. Replacing old windows with new efficient windows can decrease your energy bill up to 40%. The Interior Era team will help you choose the right products for your home and then professionally install them.

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1. Strength in Modern Framing

Replacement of windows and doors are manufactured with strong, high quality frames. Whether you are looking for window frames, traditional wood frames or aluminum window frames, there is a brand and model to suit your needs. Experienced Interior Era  & team replace windows and doors with wide variety of windows and doors styles and shapes.

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Older window frames or doors will deteriorate over time causing heat loss and reduced security. The appearance of cracking, splitting and flaking wood windows frames or doors does nothing for the overall appearance of your house either. With new window frames or doors your home’s exterior can be bright and virtually maintenance free. Count on the timeless beauty of these windows to add value to your property.

2. Upgrading Windows and Doors

Larger windows with window seat and doors offer larger views, meaning you can appreciate more of that gorgeous landscape just beyond your front or back door. Bay windows or doors can make small spaces appear larger, and helps to make decks and patios truly a part of your living space.

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This type of home improvement is an investment in your house, but also in your quality of life. Be more comfortable with steady indoor temperatures and reasonable utility bills. Enjoy more natural sunlight and the beautiful views your property offers. Interior Era & team will transform an aging facade into a home that is handsome, cozy and better for daily living.